The Creatonotos gangis moth is just looking for the sex

A sinister-looking insect that creeped out millions of people on Facebook turned out to be a moth looking for some sexy times. 

Facebook user Gandik of Semarang, Indonesia posted a photo and video of a winged insect that has some super gross hairy appendages coming right out of its butt. While nature continues to creep us all out, the freaky looking insect is definitely a head turner.

“That’s a damn Pokémon,” one person commented.

While it does look like a damn Pokemon, it’s actually just a Creatonotos gangis moth, which is found in southeast Asia and Australia. Yes, it’s a moth.

The weird hairy-looking things are actually eversible coremata, which stems from the greek word meaning “feather duster.” It’s basically a scent gland that is found on male moths and disperses pheromones, for sex stuff. 

According to Wired, coremata are inflated with air or blood via the moth’s abdomen in an attempt to find a suitable mate. The hairs on the gland help spread sexy pheromones in an attempt at attracting a female. The magazine also notes that moths will sometimes flutter their wings to help spread the scent, and the appendages can sometimes even be used for a little bit of foreplay. 

After finding a suitable mate, the coremata deflates, and guess what then inflates, you guys? That’s right, the moth’s penis. Nice. 

So, this moth isn’t that scary, but it is ready to go to the bone zone. 

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