Bird photobombs the Space Station and Sun in awesome photo

Talk about timing! Photographers with the European Space Agency hoping to spot the International Space Station crossing the face of the sun got more than they bargained for in this sunny snapshot.

In the photo, which was taken in 2013 but only released by ESA on Wednesday (Oct. 4), a bird crosses the sun at the same exact time as the space station. The entire photo session lasted just 1.2 seconds, making it a challenge for the astronomy club at ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre near Madrid, Spain. [In Photos: Spotting Satellites and Spaceships from Earth]

“It requires planning, patience and a measure of luck,” ESA officials wrote in an image description. “The camera must be set up at the right time in the right place to capture the Space Station as it flies past at 28,800 km/h [17,900 mph]. At such speeds the photographer has only seconds to capture the transit, and if any clouds block the view, [they’d have] to wait for another opportunity weeks later.”

While the skies were clear of clouds for this station-sun photo, at least one feathered flyer was in the viewing area.

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