Sofia Coppola Learns What The Bechdel Test Is During An Interview

June 20, 2017

So when a reporter for GQ asked the director about the Bechdel test, the feminist litmus test for film, her response was, in a word, confusing. Actors Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, director Sofia Coppola and actor Kirsten Dunst attend the premiere of Focus Features’ ‘The Beguiled’ at Directors Guild Of America on June 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Although the film has been hailed for a progressive cause, Coppola has also been the target of criticism over her …


Catastrophe Looms If NGOs Are Forced To Halt Rescue Missions In Mediterranean, Report Warns

June 18, 2017

… vessel intercepted that day. Together with the Italian Coast Guard, humanitarian organizations like Proactiva, Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children are the only actors now running proactive rescue missions in the Mediterranean. As the number of migrants and refugees attempting to reach Europe reached new highs in the past few months, non-governmental organizations have come under fierce criticism from European politicians and officials, who accuse them of Its almost as if the smugglers …


London fire: Queen reflects on ‘sombre national mood’ – BBC News

June 17, 2017

Image copyright PA Image caption The Queen met local people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire during a visit to a temporary shelter Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to “get to the bottom” of the west London tower block fire amid mounting criticism of her response to the disaster. The prime minister was jeered when she visited the Kensington site on Friday Mrs May was criticised for not speaking to Grenfell Tower residents on her first visit following the blaze. She …


Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted in a very long time

June 10, 2017

… President of the United States. He’s made clear — in the face of much criticism — that he isn’t going to stop tweeting. I’m not sure anyone is in a position to simply tell the President to stop doing something and have him actually listen. Then there’s the argument that Trump’s silence suggests he has now finally been made aware of the political — and legal — peril he is in, and that by tweeting he makes things worse, not better. Again, count …


London Mayor: UK Shouldn’t Host Donald Trump On A State Visit

June 7, 2017

Following the deadly terrorist attack in London over the weekend that killed seven people and injured 48, Trump sent out a series of tweets about the incident, one of which misquoted Khan and lashed out at him. Trumps tweet came under sharp criticism as other world leaders sent messages of support and solidarity to the U.K. Amid the backlash, Trump followed up with yet another tweet attacking Khan. I dont think we should be rolling out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the …


The Portland Heroes Who Stood Up To Hate

May 29, 2017

… non-Muslim and are confirmed or suspected of holding white supremacist or white nationalist views typically receive less sustained media coverage and condemnation from politicians than acts perpetrated by a suspect believed to be motivated by an extremist Muslim ideology. President Donald Trump has drawn criticism since his days as a candidate for his strong anti-Muslim stance and feeble effortsto distance himself from white nationalist and white supremacist supporters actions Muslim and …


Trump Declares Victory, Heads Home To Face More Russia Scandal

… were pleased to hear following eight years of criticism on the issue from Obama. Things started going downhill for Trump, though, in Rome. For the first time, there were protests against him, albeit not very large, thanks to the mayor whose party leader, Beppe Grillo, admires Trump. And although the White House got the Vatican audience it wanted, Pope Francis dour facial expressions likely were not the images it had hoped for. At the unveiling of a memorial at NATO headquarters to the …

May 28, 2017

Can Donald Trump solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

(CNN)Jerusalem: US President Donald Trump arrives in Israel Monday in search of what he has called “the ultimate deal”. But like so many US presidents who have believed it their duty to bring peace to the region, Trump will face a series of challenges, which have grown increasingly insurmountable. Seven years on since Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last held talks, the same issues remain — disagreements over borders, security, Jerusalem, a right of return …

May 22, 2017

Scientists May Be Vastly Underestimating The Extinction Risk Facing Some Species

… misunderstood the difference between Extent of Occurrence and Area of Occupancy, two measures the IUCN uses in its extinction risk assessments. Hilton-Taylor did concede, however, that the IUCN needed to look more carefully at two of the 18 species assessed in the Columbia study. Pixabay/Creative Commons Melnick and his team were unfazed by the IUCNs criticism. He stressed, however, that there had been no misunderstanding on their part. By using the definitions in the IUCN guidelines, it …

May 15, 2017