• Mom Nervously Watches Autistic Son Meet Service Dog, Then Breaks Down When They Bond
  • 25 Years After Losing Her Husband, 86-Year-Old Bride Finds True Love All Over Again
  • Tragic Child Stars: 9 Times Young Celebs Hid Sadness Behind Their Success
  • Black Mirror: Charlie Brooker on how ‘terrifying’ trolling inspired show – BBC News
  • Samsung India offers refund for imported Galaxy Note7 smartphones

Mom Nervously Watches Autistic Son Meet Service Dog, Then Breaks Down When They Bond

All dog lovers know that there’s just something about canines thatmakes you feel good. Their presence brings peace and warmth that not many other animals can provide. Dogs have proven to be so comforting that they’re being professionally trained for the job. And people everywhere are benefiting from the incredible difference these dogs can make. One child in particular was able to bring tears of joy to his mother’s eyes…


25 Years After Losing Her Husband, 86-Year-Old Bride Finds True Love All Over Again

Its not easy to find someone that you love enough to spend the rest of your life with. On the rare occasions that we do find a special person who want by our side through all of the ups and downs, theres usually no good reason to postpone taking the plunge! Thats especially true if youve already been through some of the challenging blows that life can deal. As we…


Tragic Child Stars: 9 Times Young Celebs Hid Sadness Behind Their Success

Young actors and actresseshave always been a major part of the entertainment industry, filling out casts since the first silent films began rolling. Sadly,that often came at the cost of aproper childhood. Before laws came into place to protect young thespians, the level ofmaturity required forthem to perform their characters frequently led to those around them forgetting they were, in fact, still just kids. Some of these poor child actorsweretreatedwith…


Black Mirror: Charlie Brooker on how ‘terrifying’ trolling inspired show – BBC News

Brooker had previously worked on satirical comedy programmes, including Brass Eye and the 11 O’ Clock Show. Image copyright Netflix Image caption Bryce Dallas Howard stars in one of the episodes which focuses on society’s dependence on mobile phones Each episode of Black Mirror runs for 90 minutes as a self-contained film. The current series, which will appear on the streaming site Netflix, features actors Bryce Dallas-Howard, Alice Eve, Gugu…


Samsung India offers refund for imported Galaxy Note7 smartphones

Image: BRITTANY HERBERT/MASHABLE It took Samsung a while, but the company is now responsibly dealing with customers who bought its Galaxy Note7 smartphone from abroad and are using it in India. SEE ALSO: Samsung India makes up to customers who pre-ordered Galaxy Note7 Last week, Samsung announced a refund and exchange program in India, offering customers who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Note7 in the country either a full-refund or another…


Travis Kalanick: Uber is becoming ‘a robotics company’

CEO of the online transportation network company Uber, Travis Kalanick, talks at the internet conference NOAH in Berlin, 8 June 2016. Image: Britta Pedersen/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images SAN FRANCISCO In case anyone still had doubts that Uber sees driverless cars as the future of its business, the company’s CEO just cleared things up. Speaking Wednesday at Vanity Fair‘s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Travis Kalanick said that Uber, which recently began…


Trump supporter Peter Thiel should remain on Facebook’s board, Zuckerberg says

In this March 25, 2015, file photo, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gestures while delivering the keynote address at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco. Image: AP//Eric Risberg Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire investor and PayPal founder, is a welcomed member of Facebook’s board of directors, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The news comes after Thiel donated $1.25 million to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. That contribution makes Thiel,…


Instagram’s new support tool lets you anonymously try to help those in distress

Image: Photothek via Getty Images LONDON For many people, Instagram is a place where we share moments from our daily lives that bring us joy. But it’s also a space where people share their innermost thoughts and, sometimes, cries for help. Instagram is launching a support tool which allows people to do something if they feel people are in danger of self-injury. SEE ALSO: 5 apps to help anyone better…


Teen Begs For Food Outside Of A Restaurant, Then A Stranger Decides To Help Him Get A Job

Most of us knowwhat it’s like to go through difficult times and to need a little bit of help to get to the other side. Sometimes, it’s even the kindness of complete and total strangers that makes the difference during these tough days. Michigan musician George Moss was walking by a Jersey Mike’s restaurant when a teen boy named Kewhawn asked him for help in getting some food. Instead of…


Startup raises $23 million for workplace safety app in Series B round

SafetyCulture just raised aA$30 million ($23 million) Series B. Image: safetyculture Luke Anear has gone from spying on people who had been injured at work to trying to prevent the accident in the first place. The founder of Australian startup SafetyCulture, Anear told Mashable he realised he had been part of the problem in his previous role, where he often checked up on worker compensation claims. “We would go investigate…


When Stranger Says Shes Never Given Birth, Mom Snaps A Photo Of Her Huge C-Section Scar

Moms everywhere know that theres no right way to give birth. Still, a lot of expectant mamas have an idea in their heads about what the perfect birth looks like. Some might want to go an all-natural route and have a midwife or a doula help them with the labor, while others might feel more comfortable with a hospital, a team of doctors, and an epidural on standby. But at…


Loving Prisoners Give Unwanted Greyhounds A 2nd Chance At Life Thanks To One Amazing Program

Every single dog in the world deserves to find a happy loving home. After all, were talking about animals that have been standing by their humans for thousands of years. Theyre famous for being loyal and loving and incredible cuddlers. Why are there still so many without homes? It depends a little bit on the type of dog in question. Pit bulls, for example, face injustice because of the negative…


Fisherman Notices Massive Creature On The Beach, Realizes Its A 14-Pound Lobster

During hurricane season, a number of countries experience the destruction that comes with high winds, crashing waves, and pounding rains. There may even be loss of human life, if certain precautions are not taken by the residents of affected areas. Even wildlife can be displaced, and some animals are left to die a long way from their habitat. Bermuda was hit hard by Hurricane Nicole, and the aftermath of the…


Place A Quarter On Top Of Frozen Water Before A Big Storm To Save Your Frozen Food

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can completely ravagehomes, depending how close they are to all the action. Theycan affect families in many different ways: power outages, water damage, or dangerous weather that forces them out of their homes. Fortunately, there are plenty of people out there that offer aid during disasters by sending money, mailing supplies,and even providing hot meals like this couple did. Sheila Pulanco Russell recently offered her…


Mom Leaves Brilliant Note On Thermostat To Stop 3 Sons From Turning Up The Heat

As the weather gets colder, the indoor temperature drops, too. Soon, families will have their fireplaces going to warm up the cold winter nights, and wear layers upon layers even to go to bed. It’s the coziest time of year! But there’s no denying that it costs a pretty penny to keep the heat going. Gas and electric prices seem to get steeper ever year, even if there are ways…


Obama Uses Final State Dinner To Honor Italy And Its Leader

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo as they greet Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife Agnese Landini on the North Portico for a State Dinner at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) WASHINGTON –  President Obama on Tuesday used one of the largest state dinners of his tenure to honor Italy, a European ally and…


Twitter’s nosedive means its Chinese clone is now more valuable

Twitter’s old fail whale. Image: twitter Chinas Weibo, started in 2009 as a Twitter clone, is suddenly worth more than Twitter itself. Weibos market cap now stands at US$11.35 billion, while Twitter is at US$11.34 billion. Its a remarkably quick rise for the Chinese social network, which IPOd in early 2014 at a valuation of US$3.4 billion. On that same day, Twitter was pegged at US$26.8 billion. Twitter is in…


The perfect laptop for the high-powered executive in all of us

We live in a constant state of busyness. The connected global economy has created an “always-on” attitude in the workforce, resulting in more opportunity for savvy business minds, and increased demand for technology that can keep up with executive lifestyle, wherever that lifestyle takes them. The fact of the matter is, there’s too much on the line to gamble on anything but the best all it takes is one unanswered…


Google Flights update fixes one of the most annoying parts about booking air travel

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 11: A British Airways aircraft takes off from the Southern runway at Heathrow Airport on October 11, 2016 in London, England. Image: Jack Taylor/Getty Images Seemingly random price changes can be one of the most frustrating parts of booking a flight. Now, Google is making it easier to know when prices will change so you can get a better deal on airfare. The company is updating…


Thousands of wine lovers are descending on Italys red wine fountain

LONDON Wine is one of life’s great joys. But, getting your hands on a decent glass without paying the earth isn’t that easy. Well, one vineyard in Italy has just answered our prayers by setting up a red wine fountain for pilgrims and wine lovers to enjoy for free. SEE ALSO: Say hello to Hello Kitty wine At the Dora Sarchese winery near Ortona in the Abruzzo region of Italy…


Dating Horror Stories: 15 Cringeworthy First Dates That Went So, So Wrong

Everyone gets nervous going into their first date with someone new, which can lead to some pretty unsettling moments and some pretty unusual stories. Whether the date takes placein a movie theater or at the fanciest restaurant in town, there’s still a chance for something to go terribly awry. We’ve all probably had our fair share ofunfortunate dates, but the poor folks below definitely take the cake when it comes…


Mom Takes Disabled Husband To Olive Garden, Then Stranger Leaves Rude Note About Their Looks

Kionna, her husband Dusty and their 8-year-old daughter had just finished their meal at an Olive Garden in Oklahoma City. When they left the restaurant and got to their car in the parking lot, Kionna received a shocking dose of cruelty. Someone hadscribbled a cruel and misguided note on a piece of yellow paper and placed on the car windshield. The note read,Disabled? No. Just your big fat a**es Not…


The Clintons rally with Broadway legends for multimillion-dollar fundraiser

(CNN)Bill and Chelsea Clinton headlined a fundraiser on Monday in New York City with dozens of Broadway legends and comedians, many of whom roundly mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Both Clintons thanked donors for attending the star studded event at the St. James Theatre, urging them to dig deeper to support the campaign in its last three weeks. But it was the former president who reflected on feelings Trump…


XeroxYeah, XeroxHas Found a Way to Bust Carpool Lane Cheaters

Joseph Averkamp collects stories about how people break the law. He keeps them in a Powerpoint presentation, dragging the grainy local news photos into the slides. Theres the guy who stuffed a pile of wooden boards into a hoodie. The Washington man who buckled up next to a cardboard cutout of Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man” mascot. Another one he could add, but hasn’t yet:The dude who stuck a yuge…


Humiliated Stock Picker Who Sold His Firm for $31 Is Back on Top

The 3,240 yen ($31) of cash framed on Hideto Fujinos desk is a constant reminder of his greatest humiliation. portrait of himself after losing an important battle, Fujino wants to never forget. This is my version, he said in an interview at Rheoss headquarters, overlooking Tokyo Station in the center of Japans capital. Today, the framed memento is one of the few vestiges of Fujinos darkest period. Rheos Capitals flagship Hifumi…


One of China’s Poorest Provinces Puts Nation on Track to Beat 6.5% Growth

About 2,000 kilometers from Beijing, one of Chinas poorest provinces is pioneering a new development model — one that has it leapfrogging right over the manufacturing base thats been key to developing other parts of the country. Guizhou posted the third-fastest growth among Chinas 31 regional districts in the first half of the year, with a 10.5 percent pace. The southwestern province has focused on developing human and computing talent…