• K-pop star T.O.P. curates #TTTOP, a Sotheby’s auction
  • Obama seeks to reassure tearful widow about treating PTSD
  • Mom Draws A Heart And Sun On Daughters Hand To Remind Her Shes Not Alone
  • 15 Classic Hollywood Hunks Who Kept Tragic Secrets Hidden From Their Fans
  • Young Dad Of 3 Learns He Will Die Without A Bone Marrow Transplant, But Strangers Rush To Help

K-pop star T.O.P. curates #TTTOP, a Sotheby’s auction

Seoul, South Korea (CNN)K-pop superstar T.O.P., of South Korean boy band Big Bang, is a rapper, singer-songwriter, actor and — of little surprise to his 5.7 million Instagram followers — a passionate art collector. His photos speak widely of a developed interest in art and design — a quick glance sees T.O.P. (whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun) posing in tribute to a lanky Alberto Giacometti sculpture, lounging in…


Obama seeks to reassure tearful widow about treating PTSD

Washington (CNN)With tears in her eyes, holding her microphone with a shaky hand, Amanda Souza told President Barack Obama about her husband who committed suicide after not treating PTSD caused by his deployment. “My question to you is how can we ensure that our military men and women understand that it’s OK to get the help that they need and that they’re not going to risk their careers, that they…


Mom Draws A Heart And Sun On Daughters Hand To Remind Her Shes Not Alone

Some kids are fearless and fiercely independent they are able to go toclass, after school activities, and even friends’ houses without a second thought about being separated from their family. But others need a little bit of help feeling totally at ease without mom and dad around. There are plenty of ways for families and their kids to feel connected with each other while they are separated. Some families set…


15 Classic Hollywood Hunks Who Kept Tragic Secrets Hidden From Their Fans

Stars they’re just like us! As clich as that sounds, it really is the truth. No matter how glitzy or glamorous they appear to us now, they all started out as normal folks like we did. That’s why I love digging into their pasts to see where they made the shift from regular Joe to mega-celeb, especially when it comes to the handsome actors from golden era of old Hollywood.You…


Young Dad Of 3 Learns He Will Die Without A Bone Marrow Transplant, But Strangers Rush To Help

Adam Krief, a 31-year-old husband and father of three living in California, received a devastating diagnosisthat has himhoping for a miracle. During the summer,he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer calledPrimary Myelofibrosis. Since chemotherapy alone can’t cure this disease, Krief needs a bone marrow transplant. Otherwise,his diagnosis is terminal. “For me, chemotherapy is simply a means to buy more time until I can find a well-matched donor….


9 Scenes That Pushed Actors To Their Breaking Point

One great misconception is that being a Hollywood actor or actress is be a dream job. It’s easy to see why people think this, just look at the lifestyle it can afford you: Gala dinners, red carpets, VIP treatment anywhere you go, all followed by getting into a fancy chauffeur-driven car which takes you to your mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Life couldn’t be better. Except thisvision neglects to mention…


Teen Hits Record When World War II Veteran Reveals Big Sacrifice From His Past

World War II is arguably the most well-known and well-documented war in American history. There have been countless movies, television series, and books created in its memory. The stories that they tell are romanticized, as all forms of entertainment tend to be, but that doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking. But what is missing from these stories is the real-life words of the veterans themselves. Their stories are grittier and…


Fbi Doc Dump On Email Case Reveals Role Of ‘Confidential’ Clinton Aide

Monica Hanley, pictured standing in the back row right behind Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills in a State Department photo from Clinton’s book “Hard Choices.”  (State Department photo ) When Romanian hacker Guccifer breached Hillary Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthals email account in 2013, it set off an explosive chain of events among a tight circle of Clinton family aides including one confidential assistant whose extensive role in managing some of…


Walmart Has The Perfect Response When Dads Autistic Son Rips His Favorite Discontinued T-Shirt

Danny Nolin is a 24-year-old man who, according to his father, Greg Nolin, has a very specific taste inclothing. In fact, Nolin, who has Down snydrome, will only wear one, distinctive shirt: a red and gray striped t-shirt from Walmart. Unfortunately, the shirt has seen better days and has now started to rip. So, Greg took it upon himself to find replacements for the top but discovered, to his dismay,…


Mom Sends Teen To School With Embarrassing Tardy Note, Then Reluctantly Posts It On Facebook

Nicole’s14-year-old daughter overslept on a school day. Then she gave her a whole bunch of attitude and ignored her on the way to school, making her other two kids late to school in the process. Nicolewas so angry with Carathat she quickly wrote a sarcastic letter to school to explain her lateness, blaming it on a “condition” that many teenagers suffer from on a daily basis. Then, she ordered Cara…


Stranded Mother And Baby Manatee Get Help When Storm Leaves Them By The Side Of The Road

In the past few weeks, residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Hermine have been cleaning up after the destruction she caused. Homes and businesses were obliterated, and lives were lost, in some devastating cases. But in the aftermath of the storm, stories of how these people came together to make a difference in their communities emerged. One organization, for example, was able tojump intoaction to save dozens of horses…


Chris Pratt Fires Back When Rude Stranger Disgraces The Cross On His Shirt

Chris Pratt was able to make the transition from a lovable, funny TV characteron Parks and Recreationto abona fide action hero, starring in hit movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World. The hunky actor also has aloving marriage to actress Anna Faris and is a doting dad to their young son, Jack. According to Wikipedia, Pratt stated that the birth of his preterm son “restored my faith in…


16 Amazing Photos Of Hero Dogs From Americas Military That Will Touch Your Heart

Every member of any branch of our military is a hero. The sacrifices made by each and every member of the armed forces are so great that the rest of us can never fully understand. However, it’s not just men and women who make these sacrifices. There are also the canine members of the military. These heroes do incredibly important jobs that save countless lives. Just because they are animals…


Tech Company Creates Facial Image To Help Id Unc Student’s Killer

Faith Hedgepeth was bludgeoned to death four years ago inside her off-campus apartment at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in a case that remains unsolved. The killer left behind a chilling note and traces of DNA — which a forensic technology company has now used to create a 3-D sketch of what the suspect might look like. Related Image Expand / Contract Faith Hedgepeth A “snapshot tool” developed…


NASA says it may have spotted water plumes on Jupiter’s moon

(CNN)Could a second celestial object in our solar system host living organisms? NASA says its astronomers may have spotted water vapor plumes erupting on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Spacecraft captures unique images of Jupiter NASA says it hopes the infrared version of its new James Webb Space Telescope, which is expected to launch in 2018, to confirm the water plume finding on Europa. Source article at =>http://edition.cnn.com/ Recommended…


Apple Is Now Boring Enough to Buy for This $37 Billion Fund Manager

Apple Inc. losing steam only makes it a bargain. The iPhone maker is cheap and the risk is lower, according to Robert Naess, who oversees 33 billion euros ($37 billion) in stocks at Nordea Bank, Scandinavias largest bank. Apple is boring now, he said in an interview at Nordeas offices in Oslo Thursday. Before there was no stability and growth was too high. Investors have started questioning Apples ability to…


Magnificent Seven Remake From Sony Tops Weekend Box Office

The Magnificent Seven, a remake of the successful 1960 western that featured Steve McQueen, led the box office in its weekend debut, giving Sony Corp. a win. Featuring a multicultural cast, The Magnificent Seven collected an estimated $35 million from U.S. and Canadian theaters, researcher ComScore Inc. said Sunday in an e-mailed statement. The film beat the new animated release Storks from Time Warner Inc.s film division, which placed second….


September box office hits record low after a chart-topping 2015

Image: Sony Pictures The Magnificent Seven is No. 1 at the domestic box office this weekend, with an estimated $35 million in ticket sales. It’s in a tight race for the biggest opening of September 2016 with Sully, which opened in the U.S. with just over $35 million. Though that’s a debatable accomplishment in what’s been a record-low month for Hollywood at the movies. SEE ALSO: Denzel Washington and Chris…


10 essential apps all caregivers should know

Image: Vicky Leta/Mashable Balancing schedules. Remembering medication. Tracking symptoms. Being a caregiver for a family member can be as taxing as it is rewarding, and the role often goes underappreciated. While a support network of family and friends is crucial, apps can help alleviate some of the stresses that come with caregiving. SEE ALSO: 13 apps that support and empower the autistic community From helping to keep track of appointments…


BlackBerrys low-end DTEK50 offers productivity and little else

BlackBerry’s DTEK50 is unfortunately named. Image: jason cipriani/mashable I have so many mixed feelings about BlackBerrys DTEK50, a $300 Android-powered phone. Im disappointed the company went with a reference design from a manufacturing partner for the hardware, while at the same time excited to use a device that marries Android with BlackBerrys software suite. SEE ALSO: Kim Kardashian should just buy BlackBerry As a former diehard BlackBerry user, its hard…


Your weekly app round-up: 7 can’t-miss releases to check out

Image: seedling With Snapchat’s big announcement and Google’s hardware event just around the corner, you may have missed some of this week’s best new apps. Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week’s list includes an app to help you keep your messages secret, a new DIY trivia game and an app to help you follow the latest movies. SEE ALSO: Snapchat…


Golfing great Arnold Palmer dead at 87

(CNN)Arnold Palmer, known as “the King” for his transformative legacy in golf, has died at the age of 87, according to the U.S. Golf Association. He died Sunday at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hospital, according to his management company. Arnold Palmer: Bringing golf to the masses Winning in style too It was not only Palmer’s knack for golf that won him legions of adoring fans. Long before the…


Motorola’s VerveOnes+ wireles earbuds have potential, but need some work

The Motorola VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds. Image: jason cipriani/mashable What a time to be alive! Hot on the heels of Apple banishing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, wireless headphones and earbuds are sure to garner a lot of attention. For the past two weeks, Ive been using the $250 Motorola VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds. Theres no cord to be found on the two orange buds. To be…


How Spotify is perfecting the playlist

Matt Ogle of Spotify. Image: Eva O’Leary/Bloomberg Businessweek Until recently, Mike Perry assembled engines at a Volvo plant in Skovde, a medieval city in Sweden. But Perry wanted to be a famous DJ. At night he labored in a recording studio, writing and producing songs in a lush, throbbing style known as tropical house. It sounds like Jimmy Cliff was tweaked by Avicii, the electronic dance musician. Perry was 30…


3 fixable reasons you never get anything worthwhile out of meetings

Image: Getty Images Call it a product of busy schedules, increased tech connectivity, or fried attention spans, but for whatever reason, when you gather a group together for a meeting, almost everyone has a hard time ditching distractions and sticking to the task at hand. In fact, 47% of employees cite distracted co-workers as the biggest hurdle to having productive meetings. If you take your job seriously, youre probably already…


How Snapchat’s Spectacles work

Snap Inc.’s new Spectacles. Image: snap inc Snapchat broke big news Friday night when it announced it would become “Snap Inc.” and release its first hardware product. That product is called Spectacles, or Specs, and so far it seems like they’re a cooler, Snapchat-friendly version of Google Glass. So what do we know about Spectacles thus far? 1. Spectacles record circular video Snap Inc.’s Spectacles are glasses that come with…


Dad-To-Be Brings Pregnant Girlfriend To Tears When He Gets Down On 1 Knee

Perhaps most women will agree that there are few things more romantic than a man who loves his girlfriend so much, that his love for herbrings him to tears. This was the scene at Keevis Tabb and Makaila Stevenson’s baby shower. The pair have been together for over four years, and over the course of this time their love has grown more and more. They are expecting a baby in…